About Us

CLINOSOFT RESEARCH is a progressive and premier Clinical Research Institute that has rapidly gained a good reputation for excellence through its innovative approach in clinical research. Institute established in Hyderabad by group of people with rich clinical research expertise.

Our objective is to provide the excellence in Clinical Research education for professions, strategic and applied research and flexible delivery of learning and teaching methodology.

Our mission is to enhance communities with national and international scholars and institutions with whom our staff and students are linked.

We have started our journey through quality educational system for clinical research for generating quality resource to meet the global research standards. After having a close insight of Eight consecutive years about the growth and practice of clinical research industry, now we got that domain knowledge which sets the goal another step forward to deliver clinical research services to Life Science organizations efficiently.

CLINOSOFT RESEARCH is an academy with a good reputation in clinical research industry. We offer Full time, Part time and e- learning training in Clinical Research education.